Wednesday, March 2, 2011

OAMC (Once a Month Cooking) February: The Tentative Plan

You know I think I am completely nuts to attempt a freezer cooking day right now.  I'll be lucky if I don't accidently cut my arm off in one of those infomercial moments (you know the ones, "Tired of trying to cut things with a regular knife" *person hacks counter, arm, houseplants around them, but never hits the tomato in front of them*).  I mean this year has started off so well that it's amazing that I don't have a permanent twitch from it.  If not for Amazon grocery deals and some cool sales the last couple of weeks (Target last week and Walgreens this week) I honestly wonder if my sanity would hold out. 

But, the truth of the matter is that OAMC tends to save me a lot of money, even if I only do like five or six dishes to "mix things up" from my regular cooking regime and now that I have a new freezer (yay!) that I can put some dishes in and be able to find EASILY, I'm just super hyped to do one.  It's been driving me crazy having most of my freezer taken up by one ice cream tub or a bag of ice for the last four months or so, trust me.  So, depending on how the Carrs frozen foods deals go this Friday (like if I stock up my new freezer with awesome deals I won't have room), I'll be attempting to do a freezer cooking day this weekend, but we shall see how it goes.  Just figured I'd write down "the plan" to attempt this here so that maybe I'll motivate myself to do it later *laugh*.

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