Tuesday, March 8, 2011

OAMC March Part 3: I ran out of chicken!!!

Ever had one of those, "Well, now that was really stupid of me!" moments?  Well, that is what I had today.  I can't BELIEVE I didn't pull out enough cooked chicken from my freezer to finish the meals I wanted to do.  I had 2 frozen cooked chicken breasts left over from a chicken I'd roasted a while back and was going to pull out of the freezer last night so I'd have enough chicken for the Lo Mein today.  Well, I got distracted when I found the Thanksgiving leftover turkey, so I grabbed that and SPACED grabbing the chicken too (duuuuhhh).

So, I grabbed my chicken from the freezer and put it out to defrost, sat down with my kids, drank some iced tea, took the bread out of the oven (it is very yummy by the way :), went to the store (I needed to get some fresh hamburger to make hamburgers for dinner...hubby requested and I also needed to get milk) and used some freebie coupons and other awesomeness (I was happy with what I got I have to say...pics and what not upcoming later), got home, made dinner and crashed.  It was a full day to say the least and I'm sort of counting down the hours until bedtime.

I did make a few menu plan changes for tomorrow.  For one I'm going to make brown bag burritos, so that's going to add something to the list and I might make some taco meat too.  I'm also going to delay in the making of the refrigerator pie and the peach pie for now as we found out that the mother of one of my husband's close friends just passed away and I want to make sure I have materials to make some pies for him and his family in this tough time (one of the manicotti  is probably going out the door too).  So, I'll just take store of what I have in the pantry and freezer tomorrow and see where inspiration takes me I guess *laugh*.  So, here's what I got done today (it's sad I know)...

For The Freezer

For the Fridge
  • Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day recipe.  Hope I can find room in my fridge for this...I bought a 6 quart rubbermaid shoebox for 1.00 at Fred Meyer just to try this out.
For the Breadmaker:

And so, tomorrow I will pick up where I left off to get the rest of my "list" done.  The freezer mashed potatoes are going to go pretty quick, I think (since I'm only going to make one dish to try it out before I make like 17 bazillion tons of it).


Hanunyah said...

Now, not to say that this applies in every case, but I know that when my cousin's daughter was switched to a gluten-free diet, her development, speech, etc. was WAY better - very noticeable.


P.S I found your blog from my blog stats because you linked to my bread recipe ;). I hope it turned out good for you!

Alaskan Bargain Hunter said...

*Laugh* your bread was very good :). Thanks for visiting me back.

We tried Alvah on the gluten free diet and it made him worse :(. I was even trying him on a corn, dairy and gluten free diet and that went terrible. I think his biggest problem is that with the food allergies he got diagnosed with on top of his autism it just made him super picky. I'm still working on it and his OT and I are working on food chaining to get him to expand his diet.

Thanks so much for the advice, though and good work on your site! I wish I'd had half of your talent at your age. I'd have a cookbook out by now *laugh*.

Hanunyah said...

Well, too bad the diet didn't work for him - I hope you get something figured out.

"I wish I'd had half of your talent at your age" - homeschooling is the best!! And I am working on writing a cookbook ;).