Tuesday, March 8, 2011

OAMC March Part 2: Casseroles, diced onions and bread oh my!

Well, I have managed to get some things done around potty training (I'm so proud of myself *laugh*).  I diced up and froze 99% of the onions I bought at the store the other day (ohhhh that was hard...I forgot how sulfuric the yellow onions are...my eyes are STILL burning I swear) and I diced up a red bell pepper I bought last week on sale too and threw that into the freezer.  I then diced up the rest of the veggies I'd need for the chicken lo mein and the Farmhouse Chicken casseroles and threw the bread into the bread machine (I bloomed the yeast first since it's just instant yeast, not bread machine yeast...just to be safe).  The bread JUST went into the oven and the Farmhouse Chicken casseroles just went into the freezer (pictured above).  I actually used leftover Thanksgiving turkey that was in the freezer for the casseroles and MAN months later and it was still so yummy...I hate too much of it as I was putting the casseroles together *laugh*.  I'm just going to add the Stovetop Stuffing topping when I make the casseroles for dinner later on, just to save myself some time now.

Next up I'm hoping to get the chicken lo mein done and get started on some brown bag burritos (sudden menu change of plans as I have a package of corn tortillas in-laws left at my house on my daughter's b-day that I have to use for something and I found a container of ground beef in my block freezer that NEEDS to be used before it gets too freezer burned).

I know that there seems to be a lot going on in the deal and freebie world today and I'll try to play catch-up with that here in a little bit.  I just have a lot on my plate today and trying to do 17 posts in between baking and cooking just doesn't seem to be working too well while juggling potty training and playing with the kiddos.  I still haven't figured out how to bi-locate I'm sorry to say *laugh*, but I'm working on it ;).

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