Tuesday, March 8, 2011

OAMC March Part 1: Off to A Slow Start

Ohhh, it's off to a slow start today (well really not, but I HAVE been up since about 7 or so, zombie though I am).  I was hoping to be full of pep and vigor today, but nooooo my children had other plans.  Armina stayed up LATE last night, fell asleep finally and then my son was immediately up, so I woke up stumbling around looking for coffee and praying that I'd wake up before 10:00.  Well, it's 10:08 and I'm not sure how great I'm doing yet *laugh*.  At least though I did get SOMETHING done this morning.  I managed to get the Manicotti done in my "still very messy because the kids didn't let me get it all clean and pretty last night" kitchen.

Seen above is my pile of recipes I've printed out off the internet to "maybe" try out today, as well as my master list.  Yes, my daughter and I were playing picnic with barbies and transformers and yes we had popcorn for breakfast...wanna fight about it ;).

So, now I am off to work on getting some bread in the bread maker and work on getting some veggies diced up  as well as getting some kitchen clean-up done before starting my next project.  Wish me luck!

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