Monday, March 7, 2011

OAMC March: The Master Plan...

Okay, I have finally sat my butt down and stayed off of long enough to put together a plan for Once a Month Cooking this week *laugh*.  I have a somewhat ambitious plan in mind, but a lot of it is actually baking I want to do more than freezer cooking.  Now mind you I am planning on splitting this into several days (I mean potty training does take some effort you know).  Here we go...

OAMC March Master List

For The Freezer
For the Fridge
  • Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day recipe.  Hope I can find room in my fridge for this...I bought a 6 quart rubbermaid shoebox for 1.00 at Fred Meyer just to try this out.
For the Breadmaker:
  • Bread (I guess that's a big "duh" right ;).  I want to try out my new bread mixes and maybe make a loaf of whole wheat bread to try out on the kids for toast (they like the Country Oven Whole Wheat bread so I'm hoping the home made stuff will be sufficient for them :).  I don't want to make white bread (obviously) since I'm going to be making the Artisan Bread dough, but I want a LITTLE variety too.
I also want to try and pull out some old frozen beef roasts from the freezer, partially defrost them and cut them up to make things like beef terriyaki and make some things like chicken fried steak for quick dinners later (and most importantly those things freeze flat in freezer bags no problem, but we'll see how far I get :).

As for the pantry/canning...I'm going to let it slide for right now to use up the rest of the home made soup I have in the pantry already and then I'm going to work on getting all new made come this Spring for next year...chili and the like.  I'm going to do some experimenting to get rid of some of the things in my pantry that came with my house (like 15 bazillion cans of Chili Con Carne), so stick with me on that as time goes on as I try to find uses for that one lowly can of Hominy or Creamed Corn I find *laugh*.

I am planning the freezer cooking day to start tomorrow, so here's hoping all goes well there.  I want to get my kids out to play today, so this afternoon is definitely out of the picture for freezer cooking. I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather as much as we are :).


BEFFY! said...

yay for freezer cooking!
one of our favorite things is the artisan bread in 5 made into stromboli! oh yum!
have fun!

Alaskan Bargain Hunter said...

Oooooo! Thanks for the idea. I never thought of doing that with the dough (why I have no idea *laugh*). That'll be neat to do one evening :).