Saturday, March 5, 2011

Healthy Home House Party: I wish I could say it was a smashing success

Okay folks, here's the lessons for today from yours truly.  Ready?  One:  ALWAYS check your spam filter for things that might have slipped through normal channels but are legit.  And Two:  Never schedule a party the same weekend you are leaving the state for a's just not a good idea.

Anyway, I was really hoping to do this SPECTACULARLY cool post on January 23rd about how my party on the 22nd was a smash hit and everyone came, got free stuff, had a blast and yada yada yada.  It just didn't happen that way.

Here's the skinny.  The nice people at Healthy Child, Healthy World have this thing called a "Healthy Home Party" that you can sign up for (they give a set number of kits away free a year for people to host parties with...otherwise you can buy one for a set donation amount).  I had seen something about it on I THINK Money Saving Mom a while ago and had applied to host one, figuring there was no way I'd be approved, but figuring "hey, it's worth a shot" (which I didn't make the cut by the way).  Fast forward like a YEAR and I'm checking my spam filter and there's an e-mail from the Healthy Home Party people saying that the first 189 people to respond to said e-mail would get a "left over" kit to host their own party.  The kit would come "as is" which for me meant that all the coupons were expired by the time the kit got to me and it would not be complete (basically you'd get whatever products they had left over from the other kits they'd done during the year).  I responded figuring there was no way in heck I'd get it, but I'm guessing the e-mail went to a LOT of people's spam folders because I got an e-mail back in December saying I was one of the 189 people.

When the kit came in the mail I was THRILLED.  For a left over kit the sheer amount of samples in the kit was just astounding (I think if I'd gotten a full kit my heart would have stopped *laugh*).  I immediately started planning the party and inviting people I knew that were pregnant (since a lot of the products were baby oriented) and I figured out all the details on how we were going to do the educational parts of the party (which were plentiful...if you ever want to host one of these things be IS work!).  I made up kits to give away with free chapstick, body lotion, luna bars, educational materials, etc and made a grand prize kit to give away with a whole bunch of cool baby stuff including a BPA free sippy cup, an organic cotton bib, an organic cradle pad, etc. and just waited with expectation for January 22nd.

And then my dad died and I ended up leaving the state.  Thank God my sister-in-law texted me about the party right before I was set to get on a plane (at 1:30 in the morning...that goodness she'd woken up with THAT thought in her head) that the party was set to take place the next morning at 10:00 or people would have shown up to a locked house.  I told my mother-in-law to get my sister-in-law the keys to the house or at least let her in, texted my sister-in-law where everything was and just got on the plane and just plain could have cared LESS about the party after that (sad to say I know).

I got back to some samples being left over and my sister-in-law telling me that the party actually WENT pretty well all things considered.  The only bad part was that she couldn't figure out my camera so she couldn't take any pictures (and she'd forgotten her I-Phone at home), so she had to just deal without pictures.  Except for one she took after the fact with a sample kit I'd made up for her beforehand (luckily I'd put names on the boxes to give away) that I'm sending off to the Healthy Child people to show that someone did show up for the thing *laugh*.

So, yeah, the above kit was given away to people at a party I wasn't at  in short.  I agreed to make a post about the party when I signed up for the kit, so I figured I'd better play "catch up" and do that (honestly the only reason I've been avoiding doing it is because it just brings back not good memories for me of January...odd I know).  Isn't that sad?  I finally get approved to host a really cool event and then I don't even get to HOST said event?

Life sure is interesting that's for sure.

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