Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tomorrow's Harvest Food Storage: Review and Giveaway!

Okay, this requires a bit of back story.  I have had a side project for the last three years where I've been slowly but surely getting in contact with every food storage company in creation pretty much and asking them about shipping freeze dried foods to Alaska.  Being LDS we're big on having a good supply of food storage in case of emergencies (natural or monetary) and while I've been able to get a good supply of essential food storage (beans, rice, sugar, etc.) being able to find any variety to freeze dried products has been darn near impossible.  It seemed like every company I found would not ship to Alaska no matter how much I begged them that it was us paying the shipping, so why would they care how much the product cost to ship?

Well, I finally struck paydirt in a lot of ways when I contacted Tomorrow's Harvest Food Storage a couple of months ago.  Not only did they get back in contact with me they actually CALLED me to discuss Alaska's needs and wants for freeze dried food :).  They have been working hard the last few months to get us shipping rates comparable with the Lower 48 for their food storage and think they finally have it nailed down (woohoo!).  They are even talking about opening offices in Anchorage if the demand is here for freeze dried food!  So, if you are into camping and hunting or are like me wanting to get a decent stockpile of #10 cans of things like freeze dried strawberries, green beans and some freeze dried meals, Tomorrow's Harvest Food Storage will hook you up.  They'll help you do personalized orders too, all you have to do is e-mail them or call (the numbers and contact info is on their website).

Tomorrow's Harvest was nice enough to send me a sample of the products they carry.  They sent me the Mountain House 72 Hour Meal Kit to try out some of their products in the Mountain House line.  Mountain House meals are probably familiar to any of those of you who camp or hunt as pretty much every box store carries them in the camping section.  Mountain House makes everything from freeze dried veggies, to entrees to deserts.  You just tear open the package, follow the directions on how much boiling water to add and 9 minutes later you can eat the meal right out of the pouch.  No fuss, no muss.

Over the last week my husband and I have split the different meals for dinner (and yes, one meal was enough for both of us to eat :).  By FAR my favorite was the Beef Stroganoff.  Honestly I could have eaten two of those meals by myself.   I actually prefer the Mountain House version to the Hamburger Helper version (or really my home made version, but I'm not very good at making Stroganoff yet).  The meat was chewy without being annoyingly so, the taste was right on and the noodles weren't crunchy, but not overly mushy either.  My second favorite was the chicken and rice because I love flavored rice (it was chicken flavored) and I like my chicken meals, so combine those two things together and I'm a happy camper.  Our least favorite meals were the breakfasts with the scrambled eggs.  And no, it's nothing against the TASTE or texture of the's just that my husband and I are both not fans of scrambled eggs.  I have had a lot of powdered eggs in my life though (we used to eat them when I was a kid) and I have to say the texture of the Mountain House is far superior to what I remember from the ones I had as a child (not at all grainy).  I'd say that these meals would definitely comp any MRE I've ever eaten for taste, they weigh a lot less in your backpack and since they are freeze dried they keep pretty much forever without a lot of preservatives added to them.

Here's some information that Mountain House sent me on their other products and the process used to make them.  Remember that when making a food storage stockpile that water is a necessary part of that storage by the way.  Without water...well you're sort of up a creek if you need it let's put it that way.

"Freeze dried food storage overall does require less water than traditional food storage [wheat beans & rice...]

Freeze Dried foods: It's really simple; lets take strawberries for example. Tomorrow's Harvest only partners with American Farmers for ALL of our products! Our American strawberry farmer picks the strawberry from his farm, and delivers them to our freeze drying facility [we have 2 F/D facilities; West Coast/Midwest]. When the farmer delivers his product to one of our facilities we then flash freeze the strawberry [just like frozen strawberries @ the grocery store]. Our freeze dryers then remove the ice from the strawberry WITHOUT MELTING the ice, through a process called sublimation [thats the amazing part of freeze dryers].

Now you have a garden fresh strawberry without its natural waters. Natural waters do not any taste or nutrients- therefore the nutrients & taste are retained in the strawberry [all products]

These are the same strawberries you might have eaten in Kellogg's Smart Start cereal. In the mid 1930's Nestle invented the process of freeze drying, Tomorrow's Harvest facilities have been freeze drying for a combined 100+ years.

This same process is repeated with all of our freeze dried products, such as lasagna, beef stroganoff, fruits. vegetables, meats...etc. Our meals are made in the kitchen, flash frozen, sublimated and packaged in a #10 can."

If you'd like to check out their new spiffy online catalog you can do so HERE.  I'm personally super excited about the new cool low shipping to Alaska and am waiting with baited breath for dividend time :).

Tomorrow's Harvest Food Storage was nice enough to not only send ME a 72 hour kit to try, but they are also giving me a kit to give away to one of you lucky people as well!  The kit will contain...

Breakfast and Vegetables:

*Granola with Blueberries and Milk
*Scrambled Eggs with Bacon
*Scrambled Eggs with Ham & Peppers
*Garden Green Peas
*Whole Kernal Corn
*Cut Green Beans

Lunch and Dinner Entrees

    *Beef Stroganoff 
    *Chicken Teriyaki
    *Chili Mac with Beef
    *Rice and Chicken
    *Pasta Primavera
    *Sweet and Sour Pork with Rice

      This kit retails for over 50.00, so that's telling you how cool this giveaway is!

      There are two ways to enter this giveaway.  One:  Leave a comment after this post on how you'd use your Mountain House Kit and please leave an e-mail where I can get in contact with you in the following format:  

      someone (at) somewhere (dot) com 

      unless you are on the blog regularly.  And two:  Go and Like Tomorrow's Harvest On Facebook (leave an additional comment to say you have done so).

      This giveaway will go from today, February 19th to February 26th, 2011.  On February 27th, I'll pick a winner via  The winner will then have till March 2nd to get back to me or I'll be forced to pick a new winner.

      So all you hunters, campers, snow machiners, food storage fanatics and just people who'd like to eat like astronauts for a few days...this is a cool giveaway for you!  This giveaway is open to all legal residents of the U.S., so go for it people!  And good luck!


      Chassidy said...

      You are so awesome for this! We are not LDS, but also believe in having food stored up for the one day we might need it. So, that is what I would use this kit for, additional supplies for our current food storage.

      Chassidy said...

      I have liked Tomorrow's Harvest on Facebook!

      Eve said...

      I would use it for hiking/camping with my teenage boys this summer.

      Eve said...

      I "liked" Tomorrow's Harvest on Facebook.

      BEFFY! said...

      I've never, ever had a MRE but always wanted to try one out of curiosity! I'd try one and put the rest in the camper for the summers!

      BEFFY! said...

      I liked them on FB too!

      Mushermommy said...

      This would be perfect for when we go camping. We take some long trips and could really use some easy meals.
      Thefrozencoupon (at) hotmail (dot) com

      Mushermommy said...

      I liked Tomorrow's Harvest on facebook.

      Tasha said...

      I liked Tomorrow's Harvest on FB. :)


      Tasha said...

      I would love to have these meals with me when I am out hiking this summer with my women's hiking group from church. The granola and blueberries breakfast is awesome!


      Delilah said...

      We will taste all the food, Then we can decide which ones we would like to order from Tomorrows Harvest Food Storage. We have been wanting to add more emergency food to our home, so thanks for doing this for me.

      Paula said...

      This would be perfect for hiking and camping in the summers!

      Paula said...

      I like Tomorrow's Harvest on FB!

      paula (at) ayojiak (dot) com

      Amy said...

      Never tried freeze-dried meals but would love to give them a try

      Amy said...

      Like them on Facebook also

      Sarah said...

      I like freeze dried meals for two purposes. They are great for camping and fishing, etc. The second reason is that I believe in a major disaster these are invaluable to have on hand. Thanks for doing this. Sarah P. perkak(at)mtaonline(dot)net

      Sarah said...

      I liked them on Facebook too. Thank you. Sarah P. perkak(at)mtaonline(dot)net

      getoffmyplane said...

      We use freeze dried food for camping and hiking, and I also need to replenish my emergency supplies at home. Power outages and freeze-ups are scary!

      spamalaska AT hotmail DOT com

      getoffmyplane said...

      I have also liked Tomorrow's Harvest on Facebook.

      spamalaska AT hotmail DOT com

      Sarah said...

      I liked Tomorrow's Harvest on FB!

      Sarah said...

      I would love to give these to my husband to try out while camping/hunting..then if they are good I would be interested in getting more as an emergency kit.

      Great Giveaway!

      Kera said...

      Hi :) Just added them on facebook!
      kera_venhuizen AT yahoo DOT com

      Kera said...

      I would use this for camping and/or fishing.
      kera_venhuizen AT yahoo DOT com

      Carrie said...

      I would keep it in my car in case I get stranded somewhere unexpected (I have emergency food at home).

      carrrieplant AT gmail DOT com

      Mary said...

      I'm LDS too, it would go in my 72 hour kit!


      juniorsmom said...

      We are avid mountain house people. We keep storage up on these products and my kids and husband use them all the time when they go kiking or camping. It has become a weekend fun thing.

      Life in My Land said...

      I like Mountain House on Facebook.

      Life in My Land said...

      I think we would use a kit on a hiking/camping trip. Sounds delish!

      Karen said...

      I would love something like this to keep for emergencies in the car.
      We are also working on building a supply of food for emergencies, so I am excited about this option.

      Anastasia said...

      I would keep this kit in my camper along with my other "bug-out" supplies i keep stocked in it in case we had to leave in a disaster situation. Super cool!

      Anastasia said...

      And I liked Tomorrows Harvest on facebook!

      Anastasia said... =)

      Alaska Mom said...

      Looks great!

      robinsp7 (at) netscape (dot) net


      Judy said...

      I'd use them camping this summer, for backup meals.

      Kadanakee said...

      I would use them for hunting.


      Kadanakee said...

      I liked them on facebook.

      Cheryl F. {The Lucky Ladybug} said...

      This JUST showed up in my RSS feed three days ago!