Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Target, Lowes and Radio Shack Black Friday Ads Released...

You know I love Black Friday sales that get leaked ahead of time.

Today we have Target and Radio Shack ads have been released as well as the full Lowes ad.  So, you can go HERE to check them out.

The one I'm the most excited about at Target is some of the deals on Toy Story 3 stuff.  My daughter has been wanting the Andy's Room Gift Pack since she saw it and it's on markdown that day for 29.99 (at least in the ad...our prices will probably be higher).  My son also needs a twin comforter and I KNOW those will be on sale everywhere. I'm not sure what my kids need in the way of more toys for Christmas (I have a lot of family to mark things from) so we'll see how that goes. 

Oh and if you have been holding out to buy Toy Story 3, they will be having the DVD version on sale for 13.00 by the ad (up here it might be as high as 14.00 or so).  So, that's a good price for that.

Enjoy all!


Chantel said...

Not related- but just thought I'd say that I grew up in Alaska... and wish I'd have known about this site about 5 years ago when we were still up there. :)

Alaskan Bargain Hunter said...

*Laugh* well, thank you :). I appreciate the thought.