Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shutterfly Holiday Cards: Neato Multi-Taskers!

Okay, let's get the disclaimer out of the way here, first and foremost.  I am doing a quick review of Shutterfly's new card holiday line and in return they'll be e-mailing me a code worth 50 free photo cards :).  So, you can say I am being compensated for my time, but these opinions are 100% all mine.

I am a huge fan of  When my kids hit about, oh, I'd say 5 or so months old I went and got a 8x8 hard cover photo book for each child as a baby book to pass onto them when they get older.  EVERYONE in my family has been super impressed with the books and loved the finished product.

When I got the e-mail from Shutterfly I went and checked out their New Holiday Cards and I LOVE them.  I don't even know how I'd choose one design out of all of them.  I really love their fold over cards that are big enough to fit a holiday letter into and some of them even give you space to write a small holiday letter on the front of them.  When all of your family, like mine, live 2500 miles away, it always seems like you have tons of catching up to do even when you talk to them every couple of weeks.

The single most thing I love about Shutterfly on their products is that they don't skimp on how many photos you can stick onto an object.  A lot of other outfits make it so you can only stick one photo on a mug, card, stationary, etc.  And it is really hard for a mom like me where my kids tend to never sit down together, let alone be in the same shot together, to get a mug, card, etc with the two kids on it.  I've never had that problem with Shutterfly.  Actually, I usually run into the opposite problem when designing photo books or something.  I run out of photos and am scrambling to find my camera to pull more off of my memory card to finish the project *laugh*.

Last year I used photo cards as a way to substitute going and getting family portraits done at a professional photo studio.  This one for two reasons.  One:  I'm broke and really couldn't afford to shell out a lot of money on photos (and every time I get the kids' pictures taken by a professional outfit I end up spending more money than I wanted to).  And two:  I can do various poses of the kids, wish everyone a merry Christmas and date the year so that they have a nice collage of moments from the year to put in a photo album and not worry about when the photos were taken.  This worked awesome last year and I hope to do the exact same this year.  My mom and grandmother, especially, get a huge kick out of the photo cards.  If I can get the fold over cards and stick some drawings the kids did in them as a way to say "hi" from the kids...even better.

Thanks for reading folks and enjoy!

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