Monday, November 1, 2010

Have you registered with Snapfish yet???

Okay, I am seriously in LOVE with Snapfish.  Why?  Well, for one thing I just created an account with them to get the free Hershey Photo Mug last month and just figured it'd be like every other photo site out there.  Man was I wrong. 

You get 20 free prints for registering (the free prints don't kick in until you upload photos), which I didn't use right away because I just plain didn't care about the free prints since I was saving the photo mug code for a Christmas gift and figured I'd just upload pictures all at one time. 

Well, every week Snapfish sent me a new "free if you grab your free prints" gift and the other week I decided to redeem it for a free photo collage (it was free shipping weekend with them) and get free shipping on my free prints (which that at least worked well :).  I also redeemed my free photo mug code and got it for my dad and then used the free shipping code to get my grandmother a photo mug for Christmas too (you couldn't combine the free shipping code with the other free codes, except the prints, so I did end up paying a little bit out of pocket).  I was thrilled to get that stuff so cheap and figured I'd wait for another great freebie to come along to send to my mom for Christmas.

Well today in my e-mail was a "Thank you" gift from Snapfish for ordering from them (which my orders only came to a total of about 15.00 after freebie codes were applied).  What was it?  Another free photo mug!!!  So, I went and redeemed that and sent it to my mom for Christmas (6.00 shipping, but still...a photo mug with the grandkids on it?  How can you beat that?).  I have gotten so much Christmas shopping done cheap here the last little bit due to this site (suuuuuree it's really early, but I'm willing to live with that ;).  Thank you Snapfish for being so cool (and no, I am not being compensated in ANY way for saying this stuff).  Now if I can get one more free photo mug code for my grandfather I'll feel pretty darn good :).

Speaking of deal seeking, you want a little bit of irony?  I haven't picked up a paper in FOREVER since my mom has been so nice about sending me her coupons from the paper.  Yesterday, however, I went out special to get the paper to get the new Toys R' Us toy wish book and the Fred Meyer toy book (10% off coupon for toys on the cover and it was only available in the paper that I could see).  So, I just looked for those two things, grabbed the paper and checked out.  So, what was the paper missing?  You got it.  The coupon inserts were completely NOT there and there was no Walgreens ad.  I'm just a little bit upset about that *grumble*.  For a person who blogs about coupons, you'd think I would have looked for the inserts, but noooooo not me *laugh*.  Hopefully my mom sends me coupons in the mail.

Also, stay tuned for a review of some of the new Lawry's seasonings and stuff.  I tried one last night :).  And now I'm off to make some bread.

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