Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Winner of the AK Bargain Hunter Giveaway!

And now to announce the winner of the AK Bargain Hunter Giveaway for the Lawry's giftpack (yes I am checking that off a mental list I have going, so that's why it is reading like that ;).

I'm dealing on not a whole lot of sleep here (as I can attest that I'm still up) and am just plain wiped out, so I'm going to make this one a quick one.

The winner of the Lawry's Giftpack (thanks Lawry's through MyBlogSpark for the giveaway once again :) taken from the number 3 generated by good ol' is...

Alaska Mom!

Who said in answer to how she'd spend the extra time having her meals planned for her by Lawry's...

"Yum! I'd have more time to mingle with the family. :)"

So, thanks to all who entered and don't worry Alaska Mom, I'll fire off an e-mail first thing in the...okay LATER this morning to let you know you've won too in case you don't read this right away.

Don't worry though, all.  I DO have other giveaways planned (if some stupid things ever come in the mail *laugh*), so stay tuned :).