Thursday, October 28, 2010

New AK Bargain Hunter Giveaway!

I TOLD you I'd post up a giveaway as soon as I got some stuff in the mail.  Since Alvah, after a trip to the doctor today, seemed to be perked up a bit (I hope he's getting over this thing finally *fingers crossed*), I went and checked the mail.  And loe and behold one of the things that I had in the wings for a giveaway finally came (yay!!!).

Recyclebank contacted me (being an insider and all) and asked if I'd like to try a new Kashi cereal and give a box away to one of my readers.  And I, never turning down an opportunity to giveaway anything to you folks, was like "Oh...I GUESS you can give me free stuff" ;). 

The best part about the new boxes of Kashi cereal is that they come with a secret code inside the box that will snag you 15 Recyclebank points!  So, you can eat your cereal and then save your points (or if you eat Kashi cereal regularly save UP your points) for something cool in the Recyclebank coupons!  How cool is that? 

Okay, my opinion of the cereal was mixed when I tried it.  One:  I'm not a HUUUUGGGE fan of shredded wheat...I like frosted mini-wheats (once in a while), but these weren't frosted, so my taste buds were already a bit biased against it *laugh*.  After I put a bunch of sugar on it (yeah, not totally healthy, but I'm willing to accept that ;) it didn't taste BAD.  It's not the greatest cereal I've ever had, but I've had worse (coupons have given me many an interesting taste experience when it comes to cereal). 

So, would you like to try this cereal, or heck just score it for the Recyclebank points? 

(NOTE:  I'm not a big supporter of wasting food though, so if you want it for the points, be sure to feed this to someone who wants it, crush it and mix it with waffle batter or put it in bread dough or something)

If you'd like an opportunity to win the free box of cereal, just leave a comment after this post.  Be sure to include your e-mail in the following format if you don't get here too often...

someone (at) somewhere (dot) com

so that I can get in contact with you if you win.

This giveaway will go from today Oct. 28th, 2010 till 11:59 pm November 6, 2010 (since it is sort of late that I'm starting this thing I'm giving it an extra day or so).  On November 7th, I'll pick a winner via and post the winner up here.  If the winner fails to get in contact with me by November 11th, I'll be forced to pick another winner.

This giveaway is open to Alaskans only (I can't afford shipping to out of state for a box of cereal...sorry guys and gals), so go for it!  And good luck!


TakingChancesLovingLife said...

Yay, I've been wanting to try out the Kashi line actually - amandarj01 (at) hotmail (dot) com

BEFFY! said...

another giveaway so soon! fun! i'd use kashi to make breakfast cookies, then it tastes better. and i wouldn't mind the recycle bank points. :)

getoffmyplane said...

Kashi makes some good stuff, I'll bet this will be good, too.

spamalaska (at)hotmail (dot) com

Life in My Land said...

I really enjoy some of the Kashi cereals. I also LOVE the idea of free Recycle Bank points.

Amy said...

I'll give it a try!

Alaska Mom said...

We'd love to try it! :)


Paula said...

Would love to try it!
Paula (at) ayojiak (dot) com

Mary said...

We'll give it a try!

Sarah said...

I love Kashi cereals! Thanks


Hazel said...

We all love Kashi in this family!

jhbergstromandthegirls (at) gmail (dot) com