Monday, September 13, 2010

OAMC September: The Non-Existant Edition...

I decided to do a quick update about OAMC since I've recieved a few e-mails asking if I was doing it this month or had done it and if I'd share recipes and such this month.  The answer for this month, unfortunately (sorta) is no.  Why?  Well the answers are actually sort of simple.  One:  I have two kids.  One is overcoming being a bit behind in the socialization and communication department (getting better every day though :) and thus is demanding a lot of time and attention to try and get him to talk over his sister instead of just sitting and letting her jabber.  And my other child is just out and out FIGHTING potty training with everything she has (she's screaming about being out of diapers as I'm writing this...I actually decided to post to take my mind off the three hour temper tantrum she's been throwing...ow my head).  As a result of this, time is something I have to fight for hard (thus why the poor blog suffers) and just trying to figure out how to prioritize just my general LIFE becomes difficult. 

And Two:  this month I decided to forego the usual OAMC because I'm trying to clean out my freezer in preparation of dividend time (I usually make one big shopping trip a year to stock up on meat and stuff for the freezer because I can buy a better quality of meat because I actually have money for a change and that way I KNOW exactly how old everything is :).  I took stock of everything in my freezer and I've found that I have a decent amount of different meats and stuff to use up before dividends come in. 

So, instead of doing an OAMC marathon this month,  I'm just trying to do something I NORMALLY am very bad at.  I'm trying to do a weekly menu plan by sitting down with my husband every week, figuring out what appeals to him and planning my meals accordingly (thus pulling things out of the freezer to defrost a couple of days before they are scheduled to be made).  It has thus worked for one full week (impressive I know *laugh*) without many hiccups so we'll see if I can keep it up.

I'll try to do a quick recap post tonight, but I have to jet.  I have to get a loaf of bread in the breadmaker and I've got to get a son down for a nap (if him laying his head on my shoulder and yawning is any indication).  Enjoy your afternoon until then!


Life in My Land said...

I completely understand! I've been thinking I should do a post of our menu plan (including freezer meals that are already made). It really helps keep me on track to plan out our dinners.

Alaskan Bargain Hunter said...

Doing a menu plan, for me, is extra especially hard. My daughter is a majorly picky eater (so weird since when she was a baby she'd literally eat ANYTHING and then hit toddler and BAM will eat like four things total *scowl*) and my husband has a majorly erratic schedule. The erratic schedule is what usually throws a monkey wrench into dinner preparations and plans.

I've been trying to do a "hey call me at least a half an hour before you leave work" type of plan, so that I can throw the meal into the oven and by the time my husband gets home and takes a shower dinner SHOULD theoretically be close to done and then I just sort of feed the kids their dinner early when I need to. It seems to be working...calls for a lot more work on my part (making three meals in some cases), but eh...whatcha gonna do right *laugh*.

I should start posting a menu plan every week...that's a good idea. Right now I just have it posted on my fridge. Maybe by posting it on the blog I'd be more likely to stick to them for more than two weeks straight :).