Saturday, September 18, 2010

An experiment: Won-ton-less soup...

I'm seriously thinking about trying something that might just turn out to be a genius move or downright stupid to try (I love those options *laugh*).  I was looking in my fridge and found that I have some sugar snap peas to use up before they mold, carrots and other things and was like "Man, this would make great won-ton soup fodder".  Of course I don't have won ton skins in my house and have no desire to go and buy any as I am completely broke right now, so I'm THINKING tommorrow I'm going to defrost my ground turkey and try something different.  I'm going to make mini-meatballs out of the won ton filling and then just throw it in with some broken up lasagna noodles instead of won ton wrappers.  It won't look as pretty as won ton soup when I'm done, but I'm seriously wondering if perhaps it will turn out tasting okay none the less.

I'm also going to make some mini-meatball soup that I tried from 30 Minute Meals ages ago and absolutely LOVED.  I finally found the recipe again, so I figure I'll work on getting some of my ground turkey out of my freezer (I have like a 5 lb container in there to use :) and see what types of yummy soups I can make and can for winter.  I'll be super thrilled if this turns out well.

Just wanted to share...well more like use the blog as a "mental sounding board" to see if this seemed like a good idea on paper like it seemed like a good idea in my head *laugh*.  And now, onto other things!

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