Wednesday, August 4, 2010

OAMC August: Well, I'm almost done...

Man, after two days of SUPER heating up my house by baking/canning all day (when I canned up ALL of my canning stuff pretty much last night it was NO JOKE 89 degrees by my was hot...we went outside to play at 8:00 to escape the heat *laugh*) I'm proud of myself because I almost got my list done and added stuff (as I always seem to do *laugh*) as I went along too.  I'll do an updated list and post some pics of some of the stuff I got done tommorrow (hopefully) as well as the super awesome deals I've scored the last little bit :).  Not too much for the 10.00 challenge yet (I have to go shopping tommorrow or Friday, so I'll just aim for then to do a small "add it" post to the Challenge), but cool none-the-less.

Sorry to post and jet, but my son crashed from 7 till 12:00 last night and then was up till 6:00, went down for an hour and was up for the day.  So, can anyone say, "Mom need sleep?"  The kids crashed 1/2 an hour ago, so I had just enough energy to do a quick "Recap" post and this post and I'm pretty wasted.  See you all tommorrow!

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