Monday, August 2, 2010

OAMC August: The Master List

Well, OAMC this month is definitely going to be a "spaced out" affair just because I plain have a lot to get done.  I'm planning on starting it tommorrow (today I'm just too darn tired to get much done I have to say).  I went to the store yesterday and picked up what I needed to complete my ingredients list for a couple of the items and I THINK I'm pretty much ready to go.  What am I doing this month?  It's going to be a bit ambitious compared to what I've been doing (due to the sheer amount of different types of items), but I think I can make it work.  I have two whole chickens I got cheap a while back that are defrosted in the fridge that I'm going to be using for a lot of the meat, so we'll see how it all goes :).

OAMC August Master List

To Can

Beef Stew x 1
Chili x 1
Tomato Sauce with sausage x 1
Chicken Broth (leftover from chicken carcasses being boiled) x 1

To Bake

Gyro Mini-Loafs x 1
Apple Chips (recipe from Woman's Day magazine) x 1
Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies x 1
Blueberry Muffins x 1
Bannana Bread x 1
Crescent Rolls x 2


White Bread (in bread maker)
Crusty French Rolls (for sandwiches and French Dips) x 1
Pizza Crust (in bread maker and frozen) x 2

To Prepare

1 Steak Fajita Kit (thanks for the idea Elisa ;)
Farmhouse Chicken x 1
Easy to Stuff Manicotti x 1
Chicken Lo Mein x 1
Chicken Taco Kit x 1
Marinated Chicken x whatever
1 Chicken Fettucine Alfredo kit x 1

So there you are folks.  My "master list that will change as things happen" ;).  Here's hoping I can get at least most of it done (with some added additions IF I don't run out of freezer space).  Wish me luck!

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Life in My Land said...

Everything sounds yummy! I do hodge podge cooking a lot, it works when I have a variety of supplies. Plus, my family never wants to eat 4 of any meal unless I'm making 50 meals.