Thursday, August 5, 2010

August OAMC: The Breakdown...

The stand in photo for now.  I'll post up more pics later...maybe.

Well, woohoo, I'm done (well I've got to bake cookies, but I'm doing that tonight).  I'm seriously tired, but at least I got something accomplished.  Here's the breakdown of what I did (I'll try to do some recipe match-ups a little bit later...I'm grabbing a couple of minutes while my son is taking a nap). 

OAMC August Master List
To Can

Beef Stew x 1 (I managed to get 3 pints and one quart out of one crock pot)
Chili x 1 (got 4 pints and one quart out of one pot)
Tomato Sauce with sausage x 1 (got six pints out of one pot of tomato sauce)

To Bake

Chicken x 2
Gyro Loaf x 1
Apple Chips (recipe from Woman's Day magazine) x 1
Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies x 1
Blueberry Muffins x 1
Bannana Bread x 1
Crescent Rolls x 2


White Bread (in bread maker)
Crusty French Rolls (for sandwiches and French Dips) x 1 (scratched due to lack of freezer space)
Pizza Crust (in bread maker and frozen) x 2

To Prepare

1 Steak Fajita Kit (thanks for the idea Elisa ;)
1 French Dip "Kit" x 1
Farmhouse Chicken x 1
Easy to Stuff Manicotti x 1
Chicken Lo Mein x 2
Chicken Taco Kit x 1
Egg Salad, large bowl x 1 (for lunches this week for the hubby to brown bag)
1 Chicken Fettucine Alfredo kit x 1

I also got a huge amount of chicken left over because the breasts on the chickens I got were HUGE!  So, overall I think I'm doing darn good for food right now :).  I wish I had a bigger freezer to shove more into it, but overall, I'd say that it worked out okay this time around.  My pantry and freezer are happy.

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