Monday, June 7, 2010

OAMC June: Off to a very shaky start...

Man I am so tired today I can barely function.  My son was up ALL NIGHT LONG and then my daughter came rolling out at five when he finally went to sleep and wanted to take up the rest of the bed with Alvah sleeping sideways acrossed the other side.  I ended up curling up in a recliner for another hour and a half trying to get sleep while my daughter kept hitting me with sippy cups wanting refills and stuff.  *Rubs tired eyes* I never drink more than one cup of coffee per day unless I am very very very tired.  Today I'm on my third cup and it's not even 9:30.  That's telling you something right there *laugh*.

In other news, a slight rant here.  WHY would Nabisco advertise a coupon deal coming up for buy one gallon of milk, another type of milk and a package of cookies and get another thing of cookies free (like THAT'S not bad enough as is)  in our inserts in the newspaper when it ONLY APPLIES TO THE LOWER 48?????  Argh!  Ahem...I hate wasted marketing and print advertising for one and then I hate the fact that some of these deals don't apply up here when it doesn't make ANY sense!  Annoying!

EDIT:  Mushermommy tells me that while the paper's inserts say that it's for the lower 48, when you actually print out the coupon it says it's good in the 50 states with the exception of DC and Vermont!  So, coolness go and Print Yours before they are gone.  Remember too...this time around they made it so people have to buy 1 gallon of milk, another size of milk (any type from the sounds of it) and 1 package of cookies to get your free one.  Since my kids LOVE Chips Ahoy cookies and I never get out of the store without 2 gallons of milk at a time, this is going to work out great for me :).

So, anyway, I'm off to an actually late start (I was hoping to be cooking by now), but at least I have my list printed, complete with pen to cross things off as I get them done (no, you don't need a googly eyed frog pen, but it is a major bonus ;) and some of my materials pulled.

I keep debating whether or not to go to the store.  The apple jelly I was going to make actually calls for fresh thyme, basil or mint.  I have a thyme plant going outside, but it is still VERY small and I don't want to kill it *concerned look* and I keep thinking that an actual cinnamon stick would be what I'd want for flavorings anyway.  I do have ONE cinnamon stick around here somewhere, but unfortunately my kids stole the spice jar with it (made a great rattle for them to play with) and I have no idea where they ran off with it to *laugh*.

Ahhh the joys of parenthood.

Well, I'm going to go and drink my third cup of coffee and then figure out my next move.  Upward and onwards!


Mushermommy said...

Go get your coupon quick! It applies to AK! If you print the whole page (I normally hit cancel after the coupon to save ink) it gives the restrictions at the bottom. Open to residents of the 50 US and DC (except MD and VT)!

Alaskan Bargain Hunter said...

Really? Why would they print something different in the paper...oh well! Thanks for the info :).