Monday, June 7, 2010

OAMC June: Day One Part 3...

Well, the clam chowder is out of the canner and it SEEMS that all the jars sealed up.  I'm worried some of them are going to pop their seals once they cool down though because a couple of them boiled over.  If anything resembling foreign matter gets in between the jar and that seal...I might be eating clam chowder the next couple of days *laugh*.  Lesson learned...dairy product based soups require more headspace then regular soups.  Noted and stored away for future reference :).

I decided to forgo the making the beef stew until I had a definite idea of how much the clam chowder was going to make jar-wise and I am SO glad I did.  I only have one pint jar left!  I saw the recipe HERE for clam chowder and thought, "Gee, a quart of half and half isn't going to make many jars", so I doubled the recipe.  And...ummm...yeah I should have paid more attention the the "servings:  8" on the recipe *laugh*.  I got 9 pints of clam chowder out of that recipe (which it's a good thing that it tastes good or I would have had a lot of clam chowder to choke down *laugh*).

I'm really happy though.  For...oh I'd say about 8.00 in material (mind you I got the half and half on reduced :) I got 9 really nice sizeable jars of clam chowder.  That breaks down to .88 a can/jar, which is a HECK of a lot cheaper than the close to 4.00 per can Chunky wants for their clam chowder and I know exactly what went into the clam chowder I made.

I DID make one change to the recipe.  It calls for a HECK of a lot of butter to be added to make a roux and thicken the sauce.  I had some cans of Cream of Potato soup that I had gotten ages ago to make, of all things, clam chowder out of (my dad gave me the tip to use the Cream of Potato soup as a more healthy thickener compared to butter and flour), and so I used the three cans I had today as a thickener and halved the amount of butter and flour.  It worked perfectly and didn't hurt the taste of the clam chowder any at all (do NOT omit the vinegar if you make this seriously makes all of the flavors wake up and makes the chowder :).

So, I'm calling it a day on the cooking front.  I have to get dinner done, kids in the bath and a majorly awesome freebie post to finish up the "Freebie Challenge" so I'm calling it a day.  I know it doesn't seem like I got a whole heck of a lot done, but for the energy levels I had today, the cranky kids I ended up with and the housework I got done...I'm feeling pretty darn good about what I got accomplished *laugh*.

And now onto other things!  Enjoy the evening all!

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