Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Alaskan Bargain Hunter Giveaway!


This is actually pretty darn cool.  Linda, the owner of The Stamp Cache in Palmer got my e-mail announcing the winner from the last contest she sponsored and I got an e-mail back that said, "Let's plan on doing this again in June" with the same deal as last time :).  I thought that was VERY nice of her and very awesome too, because it gives you guys yet ANOTHER chance to score a free class from her awesome list of choices HERE (a 16.00 value).

The Stamp Cache is located in Koslosky Center in Palmer and is jammed full of tons of cool stamps (obviously *laugh*) card stock and other "crafty supplies".  They offer a card contest for holidays (you can go in, pick up a goodie back to create your card and then enter the results) and from what I've heard from the few people I talk to (I can't wait until my kids are older sometimes so that I could do stuff like this) the classes are a lot of fun and everyone is pretty darn friendly there too :).

So, the details are this.  If you'd like a chance to win a free class (a 16.00 value) at The Stamp Cache, leave a comment after this post saying what class you'd like to take if you win from the list HERE.

This giveaway starts today June 8th and goes till June 15th.  I will then pick a winner June 16th via Random.org and announce the winner.  You will then have till June 20th (since it IS summer and all) to get back to me or I will announce a new winner.

This giveaway is open to Alaskans only (or heck anyone else if they are UP here for the summer and are available to take the class *laugh*).  So, go for it all and good luck!

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Doin' It Myself said...

June 17th, 6-8m assorted card class. This sound like fun!

akiceprincess at hotmail dot com