Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Great Site and upcoming product Review...

Wow, this is pretty darn cool!  And no, I'm not easily impressed *laugh*.

I got an e-mail from an outfit called CSN Stores recently.  Never heard of them?  I didn't think I had either until I found out that CSN Stores actually own 200+ stores online! 

They asked me to do a product review and/or a giveaway on the blog for them.  So, I went looking at their site first and was blown away.  They seriously have everything from Headboards on their Bedroomfurniture.com, to Toys and Games, and even (my favorite I have to admit) LOADS of Cooking Stuff!.

If all goes well, I'll be trying out a product from Cookware.com here in the next little bit.  I only have like 25 items that tickle my fancy *laugh* so I'm trying to decide.  I'm leaning toward the baking sheets (my oldies but goodies are starting to act like they want to fold in half on me *sniff*), but I've REALLY been wanting to get an oil spray bottle and a new good quality non-stick skillet...ugh...choices choices!

I can't believe the SHEER amount of stuff that CsnStores.com offers!  200+ stores is sort of overwhelming to choose from.  I went looking on the cookware section for HOURS and the Toys section too (kids and cooking...my two joys in life :).  I'm not sure what shipping would be like to Alaska (since the whole "Continental United States" thing tends to not apply with us for some reason), but I want to give this site a test run.  I want to see what the quality of the products is like, how fast the items come, etc.  IF all goes well, I'm hoping to do a giveaway for Csnstores.com in a couple of months, but I wanted to give the site a test run first.  So, we'll see how it goes!  I'm hoping all goes well, because I can tell you if everything goes well I will SO be doing my Christmas shopping for my family in the Lower 48 (if not up here) off of this site come Christmas time!

So be prepared for my review of the site as soon as I can figure out what I want, order it and get it here to try out *laugh*.

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