Monday, May 3, 2010

Well, I'm up!

Perky?  No.  Up?  Yes. 

I'm really hurting the last couple of nights (you hit 30 you start to fall apart I swear).  I sort of went gang busters on my house the last two weeks (I THINK the idea of Spring got to me) and I've just been weeding the heck out of my house.  You see we bought our house through a state sale and so when we got our house it was still pretty full of....well everything.  So, as we've been "moving in" the last five years we've also been having to weed OUT tons of stuff (you should see our shed...I don't think you could shove a toothpick into that thing it's so full).  I finally got fed up with it all when I couldn't find room for things for the kids and stuff, so I've been taking loads of things to Bishop's Attic (my taxes will thank me later :) and I've been rearranging my house from basically the time I get up to the time I go to bed (I'll get more into that later).  To top that off I've been taking the kids out to play, which results in me pulling them up and down the street in their wagon or pushing them around the yard in a push toddler car.  Combine that with the cleaning my house from top to bottom Saturday and then cleaning my house AGAIN yesterday (rearranging furniture and what not) and then shampooing the carpet till it sparkled...I'm not perky *laugh*.

But *puts finger up in air like someone who has a purpose* I am not done yet!  I have a lot left to do before I can take a few days off.  I'm determined to get my house rearranged, all of my carpets nice and sparkly clean (since I started it, why not finish it all?) and of COURSE my freezer cooking done as well.  Then it's onto the yard work *laugh*.  Whyyyy did I want summer again ;).

I just got done grating cheese in preparation for the freezer cooking events to come to save me time later and I boiled some eggs that are currently cooling on my counter to make my husband egg salad for lunches for the week (one of the many additions I'm sure to my overall game plan).  I've got to go throw my garbage in the can and then clean my kitchen up a little bit (I refuse to destroy my kitchen this month...I need the peace of mind of having my kitchen nice looking when I'm done *laugh*) and then I'm HOPING by 10:00 to at least have my master list made up (no I haven't completely hammered it out yet *laugh*) and have put on beef stew to cook in the crock pot to can tonight.

And so, to the kitchen...awayyyyyyyyyy!

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