Sunday, May 2, 2010

Well I'm back...

Ugh.  Talk about a completely wasted afternoon.  The Kirby guy showed up to show off the greatness that was the Kirby vaccuum cleaner/shampooer.  So, for the next two hours the guy tried to get me to buy one today, which wasn't going to happen on the best of days with my current financial situation.

Then he proceeded to shampoo my living room carpet.  Over and over and over again as he kept trying to do hard sale pressure tactics to get us to buy a 2051.00 machine.  I looked as he shampooed and was not impressed.  When he was done he had lifted about 1/2 of 1 stain out of my carpet.  He didn't get any of the small bits of pop tart, no little bits of nacho cheese stains (yes my kids are slobs, but I love them anyway), nothing came out with that machine.

When he left my carpet looked terrible (except where it never gets any use and that stuff looked good when he was done).  Read my lips...T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E.  The floor actually looked DIRTIER then when he started.  So, I just got done finally getting us all fed (since he ended up being here for over two the time he left Armina was on melt down from not having a needed nap and Alvah was climbing the walls and hungry as all get out.  My husband is currently in his office with a terrible headache) and ended up having to reshampoo my entire living room repeatedly with my itty bitty Bissel (which works great but has literally like a 2 quart tank on takes forever to do an entire room with it).  It finally looks and feels clean.  Yes, my carpet needed to be shampooed anyway, but I sure wasn't planning on doing it today after another guy had just got done doing it *sigh*.  So, tommorrow, in between doing the once a month cooking stuff, I'll work on getting my dining room carpet looking not like crap again. 

Now don't get me wrong.  I was impressed with the vaccuum...what of it I got to test drive (I'd prefer he'd come in when my carpet had chunks of stuff on it and then let me try it and see what it could suck up, but oh well).  But, for 2000.00 that the sucker costs, I could redo my entire house in laminate flooring (which is what we really want to do since that's the best thing you can do to combat allergens anyway), so I'll stick with my "over the counter" vaccuum cleaners until I can save up enough to get my laminate flooring thanks anyway.

I did get out shopping last night and this morning (last night to Carrs to get the couple of things that are on sale this weekend I wanted to get and then Fred Meyer this morning).  I'll post up highlights once I get time to take a picture (which might be tommorrow before I start cooking since I have to put my living room back together as soon as the carpet has dried out a little and I still have to make dinner...and I'm just out and out wiped after yesterday and then doing all I've done today *huge yawn*...I wish my son wasn't a really really early morning person).

I'll try to get some weekly deals done in between everything else, but it might be as late as Tuesday before I can do them due to cooking and stuff.  We'll see how the kids are tonight.

And now I'm going to go and put my feet up for four minutes before I have to start dinner and just zone.  Me tired.

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