Sunday, May 23, 2010

Update on E-Coupon and Manufacturer Coupon stacking...

After following The Krazy Coupon Lady on their journey to get to the bottom of the murk that is E-Coupons, I figured I needed just a couple of quick answers on things, so I went digging on my own too (and thanks for all the great work you guys do over there on The Krazy Coupon Lady!  Talk about a lot of information :).

Well, I've been digging a bit into this whole "E-Coupon and Manufacturer Coupon Stacking" debacle and have found out a couple of things from e-mailing corporate AND talking to people like Money Saving Mom (because Crystal is like mega cautious on coupon use...she won't even share zipcodes because she feels it's dishonest :). 

One:  Shortcuts and Cellfire state that you can not stack their coupons with printed Q's because it's illegal coupon use (although, like I've stated in the past, it's hard to avoid it a lot of times).

Two:  Fred Meyer AND Safeway both replied to me that their digital coupons on their sites ONLY can be stacked with printed Q's (now Safeway pretty much says that you can stack E-Coupons and printed Q's period, but I'm abiding by the Shortcuts and Cellfire coupon policies on this too).  Now mind you, they weren't exactly crystal clear on the whole "Store E-Coupon vs. Digital Coupon" thing, but when they state that you can stack them, I'm going with it.

Since Fred Meyer's site and Carrs both have a decent amount of digital coupons you can load onto your card and they are okay with you stacking them with printed coupons...I say go for it!  At this point I figure it's their "corporate necks" in the sling with the manufacturer's at that point before any consumer could get nailed for doing something wrong (because we are just doing what they said we could do).  I mean the coupons are backed by the stores at that point, so go forth, load those coupons from Carrs and Freddies and do so with moral uprightedness ;).

I just wanted to pass along what I'd learned so far.  Enjoy!

And thanks to Crystal at "Money Saving Mom" for pointing me toward Cellfire and Shortcuts coupon policy with the whole "non-stacking" clause :) and to The Krazy Coupon Lady for pointing out the whole "Safeway is okay with this" thing to get my curiousity up enough to dig some more into the issue.  I appreciate the help and feedback guys!

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