Monday, May 3, 2010

OAMC May: Day One Wrap Up...

Well, things went well the rest of the evening.  First I got the Easy To Stuff Manicotti all made up and ready to go (by the way for directions to cook this stuff from frozen just refer to your manicotti package directions...that's what I did last time and it turned out perfect) while I was waiting for the chocolate chip cookie bars to come out of the oven (they came out great by the way).  Then we went outside and played in the yard for an hour (the kids had a lot of fun and so did I =).

Then I made up the pot pie and got it ready to go.  Since the turkey I had in the freezer (I just could not believe that I was out of chicken with the exception of a whole one in the turkey it is this month for meals) was already cooked, I just mixed the entire thing up right in the dish to freeze it in.  Worked like a charm :).

I would have made the farmhouse casserole tonight, but I plain didn't have the freezer space to freeze it and the other things I had made without something getting munged (the spot I had made for it currently is housing fruit cups).  So I'm going to put that aside until tommorrow (it won't take long since the turkey is already cooked and all).

I then went and got all of my beef stew canned and just pulled it out of the pressure canner about ten minutes ago.

So, with the exception of the crescent dough recipes I want to make (which those can wait if I have to since I'm using pre-made dough and all), the farmhouse casserole and the rice I want to make (and possible blueberry muffins depending on freezer space), I'm done on my master list.  I don't think I did too badly since I really didn't even get STARTED on cooking until after noon.  So, I'm pleased.

And now I have to wrestle a child into bed, so I'm out of here.  Enjoy your evening all.

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