Friday, May 28, 2010

Free Bag of Doritos Coupon is a Fake!

I was going through the shopping line last night (my husband asked me to pick up dinner) and I saw something that greatly disturbed me (and ended up turning into a mini-fiasco).  The woman in front of me in line was using coupons to get free bags of Doritos.  I knew that the coupon was a fraudulant coupon and told the cashier just that after debating with myself on whether or not to cause I scene (I almost waited until the woman left but some of her other coupons weren't being liked by the system, so I figured what was one more delay for the poor woman).  The woman using the coupon was NOT happy with me, but what got me was that the coupon scanned.   I was super surprised that the system had not been updated to catch the fraudulant coupon. 

After many talks with the manager and cashier and me pointing them HERE to read the comments officially made by Frito Lay on the subject, they just accepted the coupons this time to do more research and figured they'd black ball the coupon later.  What disturbed me greatly is that the woman in front of me said her daughter had bought the coupons (which had OBVIOUSLY been printed on someone's computer somewhere else) off of E-bay and her daughter had already used a whole bunch of them.

The biggest thing is with this coupon is that it IS fraudulant guys and gals, so PLEASE even if you bought these off of E-bay or something do not use them.  If you use them and we pass fraudulant coupons knowingly through the stores, we are going to end up with internet printed coupons being rejected completely by our local stores and honestly I do NOT want to be in the same position as a lot of places in the Lower 48 when it comes to IP coupons!

Here's a big way to tell if a coupon is fraudulant or if you should worry about it.  If the coupon is posted ON the manufacturer website it's legititmate.  If it isn't and you can't find any reference to it on a legitimate website such as, Printable Coupons and Deals, Money Saving Mom or others, assume that the coupon is a fake until you contact the manufacturer directly to make sure the coupon is legit.

When buying coupons off of E-bay, please be careful.  If you can't find the coupon for a free item on one of the MANY coupon databases such as Coupon Mom's Database or others where it came in the Sunday paper or can't find references to it being a legitimate PDF coupon on one of the other sites I mentioned above, assume that they are selling fraudulant coupons and save your money.  Think about it logically for a minute.  Could you concievably see someone having 10 computers in their house?  Then how are they selling 20 free coupons for an item that isn't in the Sunday paper let alone 200 of them?  Because in the off chance there is a coupon for a free item out there that is a printable, odds are it will be through Smartsource or other "coupon printing" outfit and therefore allow you a MAXIMUM of 2 prints per computer. 

Also, most companies such as Frito Lay make sure their freebie coupons are printed by THEM and sent via snail mail as a consideration that a LOT of places don't accept IP free coupons period (such as Safeway) and in a lot of cases anymore IP coupons period aren't accepted in a lot of locations.  So, I just want to stress caution here. 

If you really want a freebie coupon and don't want to worry about the legitimacy issues on E-bay just go through a coupon clipping service (for the ones found in the newspaper inserts anyway).  At least they have a business license and have to adhere to standard business practices :).  You might spend a little bit more but I honestly think you are a bit more protected there.

When in doubt about a coupon, ASK!  Go to the manufacturer and ask if it is a legitimate coupon.  Tell them about so and so selling said coupon on E-bay if you think they are selling fraudulant coupons.  Let the companies at least know where their money might be getting horked.  If nothing else you might find out that the coupon is legitimate (which is always nice to know) or if it isn't, they might send you some coupons as a thank you (I'm not sure how likely that is, but it's a nice thought ;).

So, there you are folks.  The Doritos coupon is a fake, officially.  Just wanted to pass it along before someone ends up getting burned by fraudulant coupons off of E-bay.  Enjoy!

EDIT:  By the way, if you ever want to see a list (and it is scary) of counterfit coupons out there currently, go HERE.  This truly is one of the best sources on the internet for keeping on top of counterfeit coupons.

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maygan said...

Yikes! Frito Lay rarely gives out free item coupons, but when they so- they mail them and they have tons of fancy security features (holograms and whatnot)