Thursday, April 29, 2010

OAMC May: A simple approach...

As I stated on my last grocery day post...OAMC last month turned out to be pretty wasted (although we did eat about 3/4 of the stuff I made) with us getting sick and all.  So, this coming month I thought of some easy things to do to make my life easier.

For one thing, this Saturday I'm going to be hosting the "My Get Together Spring Celebrations Crescent Dough Party" at my house, so I thought "Hmmm...I have to buy these ingredients anyway and I DO have all that crescent dough", so I figure I'm going to double two of the recipes and just freeze the extra.  I've made the "Bacon Cheese Tartlets" that they call to make before (aka Bacon Brunch Bites), so I know we like those and they have a braided dessert roll that looks pretty good so I'm just going to switch the fillings (to use what I have in the house since the recipes calls for like 1/3 or more of a cup of cherry preserves and the only container I could find at Fred Meyer was pretty darn close to that).  So, that'll be a breakfast item (for the weekends) and a "breakfast dinner" item (or an easy lunch to reheat).  Then I figure I'll use another tube of crescent dough to use as a topping for pot pie...things like that.  I just want to make about 6 or 7 dinners/whatevers this month since I still have a lot in my freezer to use (I took major stock of my freezer when I foodsavered all that meat and want to try to use a lot of it next month in a "sort of" living off what we have challenge).

So this weekend, I hope, I'm going to finish up the two dishes for the Crescent Dough recipes and then Monday of next week I'm hoping to do the following list...

1 Easy to stuff Manicotti (I'm going to dig up this recipe for's really simple and SUPER yummy!  We were surprised)

1 Farmhouse Chicken Casserole (if I have stuffing...that's a good question)

1 Chicken pot pie filling (to top later on)

1 thing blueberry muffins (I have blueberries I have to use in my freezer before they go bad)

1 thing marinated moose back straps (found these food savered in the freezer...I'm hoping to put them in a marinade and then as they defrost in the refrigerator later they'll be in marinade...thus saving me a step :)

1 Crock pot of beef stew canned and ready to go in the pantry (since I've got one jar of soup left)

1 recipe baked beans canned and ready to go (maybe)

I'm thinking of doing some experimenting with canning more, but I do have to pick up some more jars before I can do that (I've ended up giving a lot away as canned gifts and such) and I've definitely got to pick up some more lids.  So the "experimental phase" of canning is going to have to wait until I have more fun money to play with.  At least I have enough lids and jars to do my usual soups for the month =).

1 Recipe peanut butter cookies

1 recipe chocolate chip cookies

And there you have it.  My extensive "OAMC" for May. It's nothing too terribly exciting, but it'll hopefully be enough to keep me out of the stores throughout May and save money (which after getting the "rough estimate" on my husband's dental work...we need all the money we can get *flinch*).

And now on to the cooking of dinner and what not.  Enjoy your evening :).


Life in My Land said...

Sounds yummy! I don't do much freezer cooking over the summer but I will be testing recipes for this fall when school starts again (and the craziness!) I'd love to have a few of your recipes if you get a chance to post them! Thanks for sharing, I love hearing what other people are eating. BTW we have quesadillas for dinner because of the cheap tortillas at Carrs this week, in case you were wondering :).

Alaskan Bargain Hunter said...

Yeah, I have so many cheap tortillas sitting in my freezer from past sales still that I have reserved taco meat and my daughter eats a lot of cheese tortillas/quesadillas for lunches *laugh*.

And I'll definitely post up recipes as I make them and/or after when I do the "recap post". I felt bad that last month I didn't get a chance to do any of the recipe match-ups for people because of the whole "everyone getting sick and feeling just plain cruddy" two week stint. Hopefully May will go better *fingers crossed*.

Doin' It Myself said...

As soon as we clean out my man's chest freezer, I will have room to make stuff and freeze it for us! So exciting! I love these posts! Very encouraging. Also... did you ever post the how'to on your 3 meat subs?

Alaskan Bargain Hunter said...

Duh...3 meat subs *thinks hard*...derrrrr...hmmm. *Laugh* I think I lost myself on that one.

I do have a recipe for the "Maine Italian Sandwich" though (my husband makes fun of me for this "recipe"'s a never-ending source of mirth for him). I'll post that up in a minute just for kicks :).